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How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone

Nothing compares to the sinking feeling when your phone slips into water. It brings panic and dismay. Perhaps, only finding your device has a virus rivals it. Such aquatic accidents happen near a pool, in a bathroom, or in a sudden downpour. They often leave us fearing irreversible water damage. Yet, we have not lost all hope. With quick and right steps, you can revive your wet phone.

The goal of this post is to walk you through a methodical procedure. It will show you how to save a water-damaged phone. It will highlight both the recovery steps and how to spot water damage signs.

Step-by-Step Recovery

Step 1: Swift Rescue

Time is of the essence. Get your phone from its watery grave now. This will minimize the spread of water inside.

Step 2: Power Down

Check if the phone is still on and, if so, turn it off right away. This action is crucial. It halts the flow of electricity, reducing the risk of short circuits and more damage.

Step 3: Disassemble What You Can

Carefully remove any parts that can come off easily, such as the case, SIM card, and, if possible, the battery. iPhone users should note: removing the battery is complex. It’s best left to pros.

Step 4: Dry the Exterior

Pat down all parts with a dry cloth or paper towel. Dab gently to remove extra water without more harm.

Step 5: Absorb the Moisture

Forget the old rice trick. It’s less effective than people think. Use silica gel packets to absorb moisture. These are more efficient and designed specifically for drying out electronics.

Step 6: Patience is Key

Allow your phone and its parts to sit in the drying agent (silica gel or, if unavailable, rice) for at least 24-48 hours. The duration may vary based on the drying method and the extent of water exposure.

Step 7: Testing Time

After the drying period, attempt to power on your phone. If it starts up, check its overall functionality. Test the touchscreen, sound, and display. Any issues might necessitate professional repair.

Identifying Water Damage

Water damage is not always immediately apparent. Look for these signs:

  • The Liquid Damage Indicator: (LDI) changes color when water touches it. You can find it near the battery, SIM slot, or charging port.

  • Foggy Screen or Camera Lens: Indicates moisture inside the device.

  • Erratic Behavior or Slow Performance: Could signal water-affected circuits.

  • Touchscreen Issues: Unresponsiveness or irregular activity may occur.

  • Muffled Sound: Water in the speaker or microphone can reduce audio quality.

  • Charging Issues: rapid battery drain may mean water damaged the charging port or battery.

  • Inconsistent Power: Turning on and off or difficulty staying on can be a sign.


Q: How long can a phone last underwater?

A: Treat even brief submersion seriously. While some modern smartphones are water-resistant, water can still damage them. Prolonged exposure raises the risk a lot.

Q: Does rice fix water damage?

A: Rice can absorb moisture but is not the most effective or reliable method. People prefer silica gel because it efficiently draws out moisture from electronics.

Q: Can you blow-dry water out of your phone?

A: Avoid blow-drying. It might push water deeper or cause heat damage.

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